Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Pictures

I've added all of my reference pics on to the 4shared site. Some of them are useless but I figured every little helps. ;)

Some of the assets will definitely need more refs taken!

Asset Scale Chart 01

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More on Units

There has been some confusion on whether we're going to use feet, centimetres or unreal units. It doesn't really matter which unit system you're using so long as the final asset will be correct in unreal units. Here's an article that sheds some light on conversion ratios:

If everyone would like me to, I'll make a plane with a texture on it depicting average human height along with other various other objects of descending scale. Sort of like the texture that Mike showed to us that Valve Corporation had used.


As an afterthought, perhaps it would be best if we all just used unreal units (2.54cm) for the sake of simplicity. We can even convert our existing asset measurements into UUS to make understanding scale less of a hassle. What does everyone else think?

Could everyone scroll down and re-read Damien's IMPORTANT THOUGHTS post, plz?

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Thought we were going to equal the assests out.
Plus candles, books, stuff like that can be seen as one asset, seems silly to break them up.
Feel like when we finish this i will be able to say "i modelled a few assests" Hate that ive had nothing to do with the UDK file. Was doing really well with it but had to just give up when i learned that i was wasted my time....because it wouldnt be used.
Lets equal things out!!!!


I honestly think we need to set areas of say..relativity. it seems to me that its all getting a bit wishy washy.
As andy said early, hes kinda been labeled with the concepting. but maybe certain areas of things should be given to certain people to sort the work effort.
Can we please talk about this on thurs especially as i feel thus far ive litteraly been sitting here doing sweet fa except a few paintings.

Modelling Workflow

Firstly, sorry about my sloppy use of English. I'm very tired right now. If you need me to clarify any of these points please let me know what's confusing you in the comments section.
  • Please focus on the assets that actually do exist in the Queens building for the time being. The cultist assets shouldn't be approached until we have a clearer art direction. It would be a nightmare if we all envisioned the cultist aesthetics in different ways and ended up with an inharmonious nightmare of conflicting asset styles. Further concepting of the cult further down the line will help us to unify styles and envisionments.
  • Set your units to UUS (unreal units). This can be done by going to customize > units setup > custom, and then enter a value of 2.54 for the CM parameter. Then going to tools > grids and snaps > grid and snap settings > home grid and setting the grid size to 16 will make it such that one grid unit represents 1 foot. 95 UUS or 6 grid units will thereafter represent average human height.
  • Ensure that all pivot points are centred to 0, 0, 0 and meshes are positioned such that they sit ontop of their pivots. The except to this is for meshes that are attached to walls, which should instead have the mesh make contact with the pivot point where the object would meet the wall.
  • For static meshes, delete any hidden faces that the player would never see.
  • Ensure all meshes are without floating verts and contain no Ngons.
  • Tris should only be when absolutely nessissary.
  • Model collision meshes such that they have the lowest possible complexity
  • As for naming assets a specific naming convention should be used:
 Collision meshes should include the prefix UCX_ followed by the asset name in lowercase. Seperate words should be joined together without a space with the first letter of any word preceeding the first being upper case. For example: UCX_cardboardBox

  • Please do not texture yet. We need all textures to harmonise with one anouther and will use techniques such as ambient occulsion baking that require for texturing to occur further along the workflow.
  • All models should be UV unwrapped efficiently with very small gaps between UV shells.

Good UDK tutorials.

A bit slow and tedious but very thorough.

Sacrificial chamber idea (the end of the level)... didn't go quite how I'd hoped... but hell, it's another image. If anyone has any crits they'd be appreciated. The big stone thing is a bit cliche but I couldn't think of anything elaborate to put in its place. Some scrawled wring on the wall might've worked too. Gah. Sleep time.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Howdy ho- this is the updated blueprint for Max, hope it's clear enough for you, sir. To anyone else interested- I'm currently uploading many pictures of various assets to the file share if you want to get stuck in with some modelling. Though I suggest we actually take some measurements tomorrow so everything's to scale when we import it.

Asset listing

I've made a plan for the assets and texture sizes i believe are applicable to them. Note any changes that you believe are more useful or necessary, aswell as any additions you think we need.


Concerning the use within the group of our udk making, thinking that if we each have our own udk file with the area we are making and then later on try to combine em seems a bit messy. My thought is that so we all are creating a part within udk and are all working to the same objective, we should share the 1 file for creation of BSP architecture for example

If kerris was creating her part of the level in udk the rest of us would begin working on assets textures etc.
Once kerris has completed her part of udk it is then handed onto the next person who then creates there BSP area and kerris then starts with her creation of assets etc.

Anyone confused?

It seems like a better alternative than us all working on seperate udk files.
Also ive not been well and not rly got to grips with udk (lame) so if anyones in a simliar boat we can hand the inital file to start with someone whos more comfortable at present, allowing straggelers to still come to terms on how le fook it all works.


And a hilarious attempt to recreate the broken railings and hole in the upper level. This is a view from the starting position, through the mini window.


Looking forward to having a schedule and assigned jobs to be honest!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lighting Concept Piece

Sorry about my poor painting skills.

Rough Concepts

Just a rough concept of the upstairs. I was playing around with the colour of the light coming from the room.

Nothing compared to andy's but a quick 45 min paint