Saturday, 29 January 2011


Hey the blockout is up on the ftp site now. Couldnt get it to work in unreal which is a bastard but its just a blockout showing the area to appropriate scale and the blockages and building damage

Player Start-age.

So this is my idea for the beginning of the level. Just a dusty, run down version of the Queens building. I was thinking maybe having Satanic markings and more wierd stuff lying around the further you got to the end of the level. Oh, and that's my half arsed attempt at some kind of symbol.

What now?...

I dont know whether to whitebox the place, to a concept (which will take me ages and be shit) or model assets to import into UDK. We need to assign jobs i think.

Ok, so I lied about the sleep thing...

Just thought I'd add to it a bit- tried to make it look a bit spookier with the light comingthrough the door and a bit of steam/smoke. Should probably make that glowing fuse box thing glow a brighter red too... nevermind. Sleep now. Maybe.

A paintover for the ground floor collapsed corridor. I'll do some more tomorrow... I may have to sleep now.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Andy's scale advice

This is what the scale system looks like taking on andy's advice of the grid (16)


So here's my version of the plan- I won't be able to build it in time- but fortunately it's fairly boxy so hopefully that'll help. If anyone else wants to whack up their plans, please do so- and we can decide what's best to go with.


Okay all, having been into the labs earlier it's evident that we're falling behind- but no need to panic. I can't get Unreal working on my PC with any real success so I've been having to go into uni to follow tutorials- but it's not been very time effecient. I've been down to the Queens earlier on and have taken a shit load of reference images of the various rooms and assets- so I'm going to sort those out- I'm also going to try doing a rough Studio Max blockout that can be imported into Unreal.

If anyone is having any scale issues (and no, I don't mean like a skin problem), if you go into Studio Max and go to Tools/Grids and snaps/Grids and snaps settings then click on the Home Grid tab and change the Grid Spacing to 16- this will make each square a foot long in Unreal terms. Stacking 6 grid sized cubes on top of one another will be an average character size. Unfortunately unless we take a tape measure in and measure every single wall (as it seems some groups have done) we'll have to eyeball it. Luckily I don't think it has to bee 100% correct... but it'll still need to look like the Queens building.

With any luck I'll be able to some more concept artwork tomorrow and maybe a bit more on Sunday night after work. What's that? Another all nighter? Oh, whoopee doo! Anyway, can we all let each other know what we're doing just so we don't all spend too long making Unreal levels? Thankyou and goodnight.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Emails please

I need your email addresses so i can send you the details on our fileshare site
can u send em to
I was meant to tell ya it all today but it slipped my mind

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Good inspiration for candle holders in foyer.


Fingers crossed one of you see's this and has it
Interior pictures of the elevator? Any luck?

Fileshares and UDK

Udk tutorial link

File share website

Will forward the details on how to log in etc to your emails
we got a 10GB limit on it which will be ENOUGH












This list isn’t set in stone- if anyone feels they’d like to have a crack at a different room then just say so. Even if we have someone else is already doing it- the different variations will be interesting. Be as weird and wonderful as you like- we can decide on a final style once we put them all together.

Max has put together the final floor plan (below) and will be screen capturing the separate rooms for us to paint over. Any issues then leave a comment or we’ll talk about it during the meeting 2moz.



Here are a few alterations to room proportions.

This is our final plan without contingency considerations taken into account. We still need to discuss the priority of different rooms and decided which we can abort if time is against us.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Monday, 24 January 2011


Rough idea of the hallway in the Queens building. Thought it could act as a sort of transitional area between the dilapidated area and the cultist area. The doors to the cells have been pulled away and been replaced with heavy duty bars- if that wasn't enough- the 'fuse box' has been pulled open and carelessly hooked up to the door keeping it electrified (whether this will be on during the players visit can be discussed later- perhaps the player can turn the current off and on?) Candles line the hallway possibly to 'cleanse' the prisoners before some sort of sacrificial ceremony.
The bloody symbol on the wall is totally random by the way- and doesn't mean anything... subject to change! I've added a few drainage leaks coming from the mass of pipes above- just to drive home the place is pretty knackered (also dripping noises could be quite atmospheric if possible). Due to the moisture; grime and dirt is growing up the walls too.

Mood Boards…

Just some general mood boards really!

The first is just a place to start from really… a couple of dilapidated corridors and general clan imagery. I left it a little bit generic as we still have to finalise our theme…


And some lighting shots just to sum up the feel I got from today's chat. The top bunch of images are based on lighting I thought would be appropriate for the start of the level above ground. I thought perhaps sunset would evoke a sense of urgency as darkness will soon fall. Below I figured candle lighting would be more appropriate, but again, its just a start really. Please say if I’ve completely got the wrong idea :)


Layout Ideas

This is just the sort idea of a layout I was thinking about. I tired to keep it small and simple to put the emphasis on the modelling and texturing.

Layout Proposal

Having just seen Damien's contribution, I think I prefer his to mine!

Rough Time Management Draft

Alright all? Thought I'd have a stab at creating a sort of time scale chart. Remember- it's only rough so we can alter it when we meet up, adding and changing things if need be.

Week 1: Take reference photos of Queens building and any other images that can be deemed useful.. Collaborate on a concept to work with.

Week 2: Decide a route through the building for the player to wander through. Get some sketches painted depicting the level. Get the group to sift through the styles and pick one to work with. Make a simple box out of the level in Unreal to see whether it works.

Week 3: Return to the Queens building and get as much reference for potential assets as possible. Front, side, back etc. Research how many triangles/texture sheets we should use for the level. Categorize assets into specific tiers- tier 1 being the most important, 3 being the least in terms of detail and texture space. Assign assets to each team member taking into account what tier the asset is- the higher the tier the longer the asset will take to model and texture.

Week 4: Continue with the modelling- meet up regularly to upload work to see how the level is progressing and to make any alterations. Making sure everything is to scale and coherent is an absolute must.

Week 5: More modelling, texturing and play testing. Play with lighting to see what works.

Week 6: Consume alcohol. And continue as before.

Week 7: By around this point we want to be a good chunk of the way through the build- fixing any bugs as we go.

Week 8: Continue on as before, perhaps use this time to go back and spruce up any older assets.

Week 9: The level should hopefully be pretty much done- I've given us a week of 'emergency' time in case of any issues.

Week 10: Have level completed.

Weeks 11 and 12: Play test the shite out of the level and fix any remaining problems before dead line.