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Here’s some possible links of interest, the top two are particularly cool :)






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Game Concept Proposal

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Reference and Stuff

Hey, I just found this persons gallery and some of the stuff is really interesting. Especially the abandoned asylum. Just thought you'd be interested.

Areas of Interest

These are just some of the areas that I thought could be good. extract

There are sets of rules and situations that seem to appear in movies and games to induce fear and scare the audience/player. That may have started as original ideas, over time became cliches.

Dark room with flickering lights.
The abandoned building or an asylum.
A little girl that shows up at the end of the hallway and then disappears.
A phone that rings, when answered no one is on the other side, or you hear heavy breathing.
Foggy environment with noises and sounds of creatures awaiting for you just around the corner.
Characters that stay around in abandoned small towns.

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