Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I honestly think we need to set areas of say..relativity. it seems to me that its all getting a bit wishy washy.
As andy said early, hes kinda been labeled with the concepting. but maybe certain areas of things should be given to certain people to sort the work effort.
Can we please talk about this on thurs especially as i feel thus far ive litteraly been sitting here doing sweet fa except a few paintings.


  1. Yeah, we will, dude. I was hoping everything would be kept even (obviously with you being ill threw a spanner in the works temporarily when we were discussing what to show for the presentation). Guess not everyone was happy with the method of asset distribution, eh? None of this stuff is set in stone, if something doesn't sit right with you then you gotta say it.
    So far we have a list of possible assets that need to be modelled and a very rough level to enhance. Perhaps those of us who feel comfortable using UDK can handle the bulk of it, I know Will and Berris are happy to model assets and I've been ok so far doing the majority of the concept painting- but I'll be doing some modelling too. No one is going to be forced to just sticking to one task though.
    We'll chat about it in more depth on Thursday and we'll try and get a schedule that suits everyone. In the mean time I think we should all at least crack on with some of the asset list.

  2. I think with just having the distribution a little more fair we will all come out equally and thats the point also i think we need to set certain aspects of udk to each other for example id love to work on the lighting and we've already got maxwell sorting out the white box and tweaking that needs to be done. does that make sense?

  3. Absolutely- if you'd like to set up some lighting then maybe you could make a copy of nichola's or max's levels and try out your ideas? As I mentioned (somewhere) the more variations of stuff we have the better.
    As for assets- is there anything in particular you fancied a stab at? We can chop and change who does what without a problem, surely?

  4. Meeting tmw after the Blitz talk?

  5. If you've been doing 'sweet FA' that's completely down to your own initiative, or lack thereof. After having spent 95% of last night preparing for the presentation along with Andy and Kerris, I must say that I am quite annoyed to have read this!

    As Andy said, nothing is set in stone. We've all said from the very start that this will be a democratic group with no explicit hierarchy of authority. I asked everyone constantly yesterday if they were happy with how things were going so it's quite weird to leave the meeting and then read this. I agree with what you're saying but why couldn't you have been more explicit about your feelings at the time?

    I'm not trying to have a go at you; I'd just appreciate it if you took some personal responsibility rather than blaming the group for your lack of work output.

  6. Easy, people... Let's not get into any arguments over a blog, as it's likely things will be misunderstood or taken the wrong way and all will go belly up. Team mates aren't happy so we'll discuss things TOGETHER. Can everyone meet in the labs after the lecture... If not the labs then a pub will be nice.

  7. As Andy said, let's talk about this, not post our issues on here. It's very easy to misinterpret emotions whilst reading text. We need to sort our meetings out and give them a set start and finish. It is imperative we all turn up to the meetings and stay the full length, otherwise chunks of information just get lost to half of the group. Let's not buggar this up in the third week, we have a long way to go yet! So in the meeting after the talk today, we can discuss this properly!