Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cult Concepts


Here are the concepts for my assets. These are just squidgy from my brain, so if anyone had different ideas about what they are supposed to look like please say!

The tea set I thought would be a good chance to contrast the disturbing foetal imagery. The thought of a dainty tea cup placed beside an oozing half formed child freaks me out.


Jars… fairly boring and empty…. and badly drawn :-/


Candle holder. In my head I imagined something quite OTT and garish.


Prayer rugs I would have concepted but I just couldn't get the drawing right, and it ended up just annoying me, so here’s a mini mood board instead. The prayer rugs my uncles have are all very colourful and ornate so that’s just what came to mind.



  1. Nice. Are we going for a polished silver and porcelain theme? I think that would be quite nice. :)

  2. Loving the candlestick holder thing- looks cool. Could we do a taller one that stands on the floor? I think a couple of them would look good around the sacrificial alter!

    Also- lol at the tea set (in a good way)

  3. Thanks guys :D I personally love that combination - its classy.

  4. Almost as classy as me! Almost.