Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cult Concept... err... Craziness!

Okay, so I'd better explain these images below or I'm going to get some seriously funny looks from you guys... well, funnier looks. Right, my idea for these cult dudes and their fetus fetish-y ways gave me the idea of them being into worshipping rebirth- what with the demon thing they've got growing on the ceiling.
The Phoenix is symbolic of this- it lives for a 1000 years, ignites itself and its nest and from the ashes a new Phoenix is born- hense the new logo symbol thing.
I then decided to give them child like masks- signifying a very poorly looking kid. Disease/death/decay and whatnot but on the face of a baby... it freaked me out painting it... but, is that a good thing in this instance?
The daggers were literally made up as I went along. I did a bit of research into various designs but I wanted to keep the blade fairly short(ish) to signify it's not for stabbing and impaling but rather cutting... DRAWING TEH BLOOD (om nom). Could you guys give me an opinion as to which dagger design you like best? I quite like the bottom one (made of some sort of stone) as it depicts that it's ancient and it looks a little bit painful.
Then there's the sacrificial table itself. Don't ask how the fuck they managed to get that thing into the Queens building as it's made of solid stone. It just... is. I thought adding the lady underneath would be a) freakish b)more interesting, visually and 12) wouldn't be toooo hard to model as most of the details and form would be hidden by the cloth.

So yeah, there ya have it- what 'chu think?


  1. Very nice dude. nice atmos to them,i think everything is pretty bang on! i agree about the dagger its nice and roman-esk lots of damage gives the idea of "time damage" lots of cutty cutty stab stabs.

  2. Wow Andy, you've certainly been busy. I really like the Phoenix logo idea. We could easily plant that in a few places along our level for impact. With the knives I must say that it's a choice between the stone one and the gold one for me but let's see what everyone else thinks.

    With regards to the sacrificial table concept, I really like it. The woman under the cloth idea is actually really good. And if we weren't running on schedule and had to leave the big hanging fetusy thing out, this would easily be enough to find out the end of our level. Good job Andy, looks like you've done it again.

  3. lol Cheers guys. Stoney one it is.

  4. Nice Andy! Liking the stone stabber too. The Babies face is freakin' freaky.

    I'm liking the body under the cloth... Though I think it would add something to the story if she had more of a baby bump.

  5. Ooh- good call Berris! Thanks.

  6. Very nice concepts. I like the gold one and stone one too!