Monday, 7 February 2011

Concerning the white box

Hey guys, in the last hour udk 2010-01 has crashed n decided to mess around about 11 times. Its become a real headfuck and i dont understand when the newer version was absolutly fine. I was hoping to have the completed one with some brushes added to show tables, lockers etc but i doubt im gna be able to have it done with this monstrosity.


  1. There's a famous saying: a good artist doesn't blame his tools.

    Anyway, if you could bring in what you've done so far tomorrow that will be helpful — I think Mike wants to see it. We're going to have to conjure up a quick block-up tomorrow as we really can't proceed any further without one. Tomorrow will also be a good opportunity to fly through the white-box together and discuss which rooms will be open, locked-viewable and locked-hidden. We can also look at one anouther's assets and discuss our progress.