Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Thought we were going to equal the assests out.
Plus candles, books, stuff like that can be seen as one asset, seems silly to break them up.
Feel like when we finish this i will be able to say "i modelled a few assests" Hate that ive had nothing to do with the UDK file. Was doing really well with it but had to just give up when i learned that i was wasted my time....because it wouldnt be used.
Lets equal things out!!!!


  1. I agree things have felt a little sloppy so far but we were talking about the assets for a good chunk of today- it seems a bit daft to go home then discuss it, but what the hey. If there's anything you feel you want to model that we haven't already included then by all means, add it to the list or at least do a concept of it so you can share it with the rest of us. I'm all for seeing others ideas. The more the merrier.
    As for UDK, you haven' t wasted your time- we're all going to have to contribute in some way- the model we showed today was a rough out that can easily be altered- it was mainly an example to show her Heatheriness.
    Can you bring the level in to show us? It'd be good to see it- heck, you may have made it, or done something differently that works better.
    Voice your concerns, Nichola- or the dark side we will succumb. ;)

  2. Thats all i am doing, just trying to voice my concerns. I will just do my assets.

  3. Lol I kinda meant when we were altogether today but concern noted- we can discuss it either tomorrow or thursday and sort something out.

  4. We are meeting tmw after the Blitz talk.. it's much easier to sort face to face!