Saturday, 29 January 2011

What now?...

I dont know whether to whitebox the place, to a concept (which will take me ages and be shit) or model assets to import into UDK. We need to assign jobs i think.


  1. Well, I'll try doing a couple more concepts today but I've compiled a sort of possible asset list- but it'd probably be best if we discuss exactly what we need on Monday.

    In the meantime- here's what I've got so far (deep breath):

    Fire extinguisher and C02 extinguisher
    Radiator (a few sizes)
    Automatic door open button
    Light switch (various kinds)
    Doors (various)
    Electric/fuse boxes (many)
    lights (various)
    Security camera
    Break glass fire alarm
    Palette trolley
    Cardboard boxes (various)
    Pipes (many varieties)
    Red light (the ones that glow when the recording studio's are in use)
    First aid kit
    Office chair
    Computer station
    Vending machines

    ...that's my list so far. I've got them all written down but we can delete or add to this if necessary.

    Also- apologies for my blue print not being clear... what is it you're struggling to get?

  2. I think it would be best if during this week we assign someone to handle the final white box that we'll use to import everything into whilst the rest get on with modelling various assets.

    Good list by the way Andy, we'll definitely have to finalise this in our next meeting and then divide it up for everyone.

  3. Deffo on tues we need to be splitting the asset creation and bulding areas up to people, ive got the majority of a whitebox done so once its complete ima load it up to the FTP

  4. Good stuff- any chance of you guys taking a couple of screen grabs and whacking them up on here? If you can upload an image or 3 for the 'collapsed room'(where the player climbs up the rubble) I'll try and do some concepts for it... maybe tomorrow.

  5. im watching some tuts atm concerning udk and getting very confused but if you would prefer me to upload the max file with the decayed floor i can?

  6. Yeah- just something to work with for dimensions really. If you could get a few screen grabs from a couple of angles- that'd be sweet.

  7. Ima just have to use max for now UDK isnt doing anything for me. il try grab some shots of it for ya