Monday, 24 January 2011

Rough Time Management Draft

Alright all? Thought I'd have a stab at creating a sort of time scale chart. Remember- it's only rough so we can alter it when we meet up, adding and changing things if need be.

Week 1: Take reference photos of Queens building and any other images that can be deemed useful.. Collaborate on a concept to work with.

Week 2: Decide a route through the building for the player to wander through. Get some sketches painted depicting the level. Get the group to sift through the styles and pick one to work with. Make a simple box out of the level in Unreal to see whether it works.

Week 3: Return to the Queens building and get as much reference for potential assets as possible. Front, side, back etc. Research how many triangles/texture sheets we should use for the level. Categorize assets into specific tiers- tier 1 being the most important, 3 being the least in terms of detail and texture space. Assign assets to each team member taking into account what tier the asset is- the higher the tier the longer the asset will take to model and texture.

Week 4: Continue with the modelling- meet up regularly to upload work to see how the level is progressing and to make any alterations. Making sure everything is to scale and coherent is an absolute must.

Week 5: More modelling, texturing and play testing. Play with lighting to see what works.

Week 6: Consume alcohol. And continue as before.

Week 7: By around this point we want to be a good chunk of the way through the build- fixing any bugs as we go.

Week 8: Continue on as before, perhaps use this time to go back and spruce up any older assets.

Week 9: The level should hopefully be pretty much done- I've given us a week of 'emergency' time in case of any issues.

Week 10: Have level completed.

Weeks 11 and 12: Play test the shite out of the level and fix any remaining problems before dead line.

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