Sunday, 30 January 2011

Rough Concepts

Just a rough concept of the upstairs. I was playing around with the colour of the light coming from the room.


  1. Nice work Will- I'm just wondering whether we want to have more rubble obstructing the player on the both the ground and first floors. We could end up with 2 corridors looking very similar- I thought having some of those beams running across the roof collapse would mix things up a bit.

    I think the second pic works best- the warm orange colour is quite inviting and contrasts with the moody dark green. Maybe worth playing with the brightness/saturation as well to see what effect you can give.

    Keep it up, sir.

  2. Well I'm not one for concepting. I agree, it would be too mundane to have the same thing in two places. I think I'll leave the concepting up to more capable minds and just work on construction :D

  3. If that's what you're happy to do then that's fine, mate. that's not to say you shouldn't do any concepting though- if you have a good idea then jot it down- you never know if we can get it snowballing.