Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ok, so I lied about the sleep thing...

Just thought I'd add to it a bit- tried to make it look a bit spookier with the light comingthrough the door and a bit of steam/smoke. Should probably make that glowing fuse box thing glow a brighter red too... nevermind. Sleep now. Maybe.


  1. lol at the sleep thing. Im a little confused by the blue print....not your fault im just thick. im gonna whitebox it all for the 6th time and make the corridors smaller ect. need things modelling like the railing on the stairs and the lights for the walls etc. maybe we should start assigning jobs like that.

  2. I really like the eery aesthetic of this. It's not pretentious and the foreboding comes from the environment's sterile lack of emotion. This is definitely the sort of light that we want to aim for! Well done, Andy!

  3. Haha- cheers Max. I haven't really done all that much to it. The lighting seems to do most of the work, then there's the damage and stuff. The hallway is pretty creepy as it is to be honest!