Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lighting Concept Piece

Sorry about my poor painting skills.


  1. Cool stuff, Max. How about adding a slight glow emanating from the lights beneath the walkway? We also need to think about the level of destruction and how it's occured. Right now it seems like the Queens building has been impacted by something. If it's falling apart due to neglect we need to give it a worn look (mouldy floor boards/grime?) whereas if something heavy caused the destruction I imagine there'd be a fair bit of collateral damage such as the hand rail being bent out shape and more debris lying around.
    Those beams overhead are calling out for a little bit of mutilation :)

  2. Those are some very good points, Andy!

  3. I think I prefer the neglect idea tbh, we can have more fun with the textures!

    Nice painting btw max :) I like the bleached blue lighting!

  4. Yeah, the lighting's nice- you'd get some really strong shadows though- which would look cool.