Monday, 31 January 2011


Concerning the use within the group of our udk making, thinking that if we each have our own udk file with the area we are making and then later on try to combine em seems a bit messy. My thought is that so we all are creating a part within udk and are all working to the same objective, we should share the 1 file for creation of BSP architecture for example

If kerris was creating her part of the level in udk the rest of us would begin working on assets textures etc.
Once kerris has completed her part of udk it is then handed onto the next person who then creates there BSP area and kerris then starts with her creation of assets etc.

Anyone confused?

It seems like a better alternative than us all working on seperate udk files.
Also ive not been well and not rly got to grips with udk (lame) so if anyones in a simliar boat we can hand the inital file to start with someone whos more comfortable at present, allowing straggelers to still come to terms on how le fook it all works.


  1. I don't think we'll be working on the level in sections as such, dude- the whole level needs to be blocked out (preferably by say, 2 people who are the most skilled with Unreal) whilst the rest of us need to work on either modelling the assets and creating the various textures. Making sure they all fit together and look like they belong in the same game will be the tricky part.

  2. I've reread your post, dude... And I think I read it wrong or something. The more I think about it does actually make a lot of sense. I dunno if anyone will read this so I'll post it again.

    What you're saying is have 1 udk map that we all take turns building whilst others work on assets and textures. I propose that say, Max has built the block out so he could work on a chunk of the level, refining it, lighting it etc. We could then meet up and make any suggestions to improve it and if everything is cool, he could make a copy of the level and put it on the next persons memory stick. Then they repeat the process.
    In the mean time the rat of us will crack on with asset building and once we're ready- texturing.