Monday, 24 January 2011


Rough idea of the hallway in the Queens building. Thought it could act as a sort of transitional area between the dilapidated area and the cultist area. The doors to the cells have been pulled away and been replaced with heavy duty bars- if that wasn't enough- the 'fuse box' has been pulled open and carelessly hooked up to the door keeping it electrified (whether this will be on during the players visit can be discussed later- perhaps the player can turn the current off and on?) Candles line the hallway possibly to 'cleanse' the prisoners before some sort of sacrificial ceremony.
The bloody symbol on the wall is totally random by the way- and doesn't mean anything... subject to change! I've added a few drainage leaks coming from the mass of pipes above- just to drive home the place is pretty knackered (also dripping noises could be quite atmospheric if possible). Due to the moisture; grime and dirt is growing up the walls too.

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  1. sexy mr windtrip like the little candles and all the little bits